Ten Tors Walk 6

Ten Tors Walk 6

It was a roller coaster of a weekend for all of us involved with Ten Tors!

We began on Friday, leaving after school for a night of wild camping on the North of Dartmoor. The evening was dry and the students enjoyed their first night camping under the stars. 

We were up at 0600 and the students were walking by 0700. 

The day started well but it was not meant to be, the wet weather came in early, making conditions challenging. Visibility dropped rapidly and the rain soaked everything it touched.

To add to the challenge, one of the students became quite unwell. The rest of them rallied around to support, sending an alert to the staff to come and help. They hunkered down in their group shelters and waited for us to arrive. 

It took a while to get to the students, they had gotten themselves a bit lost in the poor conditions. However they were safely walked off the moor and had done a superb job of putting their training into practice when faced with adversity. 

The time this had taken had an impact on the rest of the planned walk. The staff team made a change of plan, the weather forecast had also changed, meaning heavy rain was now due all night. 

We decided to head back to school, camp in the hall overnight and then take the students out for a hike locally instead on Sunday. 

The rain in the early hours of Sunday made us realise we had absolutely made the right decision. 

It enabled the students to experience what we had initially planned without the added risk of hypothermia! 

Sunday’s walk was now just a physical challenge without any navigation. 11 miles of hilly hiking from Putsborough to Ilfracombe. The weather was changeable but the students walked at a great pace, completing their challenge by 1430.

We now have the horrible task of narrowing these 19 students down to 15 for the final couple of walks. It is not going to be easy. 


The Ten Tors challenge is for a team of 6 to walk up to the top of 10 of Dartmoor’s famous Tors (A lump of exposed rock at the top of a hill). This is done over a distance of 35, 45 or 55 miles and participants also need to carry the equipment they will use for the camp that is required overnight.  

It is an event organised and run by the Army to give young people the opportunity to complete something that is physically and mentally challenging. 

We are currently preparing for the Ten Tors event with a series of practice walks both locally and on Dartmoor itself.