World Book Day 2016

World Book Day 2016

All staff at the school gave students a big surprise on World Book Day this year!

Staff dressed up as famous book characters to engage students with discussions on books and reading. The school was taken over by such famous literary figures as The Cat in the Hat, The BFG, and Where’s Wally. Sights such as Assistant Head, Mr Tamlyn, dressed as The BFG and Science Teacher, Mr Cross, dressed as a particularly glittery Tinkerbell provided a fabulous atmosphere at the school.

To go alongside the fun and laughter, the whole school had an exciting range of World Book Day activities taking place in lessons designed to engage students in reading and to promote literacy. These activities included a short story by Carnegie -winning author, Patrick Ness, being read in instalments throughout the day by all class teachers. Students were also thoroughly engaged with literary based quizzes and discussions on books and authors.

Tutor groups also had a World Book Day competition to participate in where the brief was to recreate or redesign a giant book cover in their tutor rooms. The standard was unbelievably high and, as always, student involvement and enthusiasm was superb.  Some entries included a huge entrance to Narnia (The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe) in 10JN’s tutor room and a beautiful redesigning of The Life of Pi’s book cover by 7EF’s tutor group.

There’s little doubt that it was a hot topic of conversation amongst our students and great fun (and learning!) was had by all on the day.