Year 10 Work Experience

During the Summer Term every Year 10 student is offered the opportunity to spend one week in a work placement of their choice. The idea is to give students an insight into work and working conditions that will help them:

  • make more informed decisions about possible career plans
  • understand what employers expect from employees
  • align their own expectations more closely with those of the employers
  • understand and adapt to the relationships they will form with other people at work
  • learn new skills and practices which will help them into work
  • use existing skills and knowledge in the work-place
  • develop their confidence when meeting and working with employers
  • develop their ability to assess their own progress and achievement.

Students write to employers in the Autumn Term to ask for a placement. In 2017 all students that requested placements and were flexible about the type of work involved were successfully placed, with 182 Employers offering a total of 330 Placements to Year 10 students over a two week period in July.

Placements covered a wide range of areas and careers, such as childcare, animal welfare, retail, hotels and leisure, sports, music, gamekeeping, and auto services.