Year 7s rank with UKs best at Cyber Cup

Year 7s rank with UKs best at Cyber Cup

This year the Computing department entered four year 7’s into the National Cyber Security competition for Key Stage 3 students. The students:

  • Stella Schlaphoff
  • Oscar Mchomvu
  • Lucy Perrin
  • Henry Porche

competed against students in Years 7, 8 and 9 and worked amazingly as a team to complete the challenges and break the codes.

As a team they came 21st in the UK, placing as the highest team in Devon!

Congratulations team!


Cyber Explorers, an initiative led by the UK Government, is an online learning programme for cyber security and is a free resource for aspiring young people to aim for careers in cyber. This year, they introduced the Cyber Explorers Cup, an innovative and inspiring competition designed to ignite a passion for cyber security among students aged 11-14 across the UK. This unique contest offered a blend of education, technology, and excitement, aiming to challenge young minds and introduce them to the ever-evolving world of cyber security whilst providing experience in critical thinking and teamwork.

The competition premise was that Cyber City was under attack. Herbert the Hacker had sent a threatening message. The Cyber Explorers Cup was a critical mission to safeguard Cyber City from potential cyber threat. Students were required to compete to decode Herbert the Hacker’s message to determine the ‘Who,’ ‘Where,’ ‘When,’ and ‘What’ of his ominous plan.

They explored puzzles, aligning with the Cyber Explorers learning programme, to unlock the secrets and answer quick-fire questions. Cyber Explorers needed to act swiftly, as Herbert’s message suggested that time is of the essence to prevent and stop his cyber-attack!