Year 9 Technology Challenge Day

Year 9 Technology Challenge Day


Left to Right: Ryan Mundell, Matt Rowles, Jacob Stanhope, Alex Prouse, Emily Bousted, Bebe Malek

Why did the egg go to school? Answer: To get “Egg-u-cated”

On Monday 18th March, Year 9 students took part in a Technology Challenge day organised by Mr Rowe and his colleagues.  Rising to our Design and Technology problem solving challenge of transporting an egg. In tutor groups they built innovative and creative contraptions similar to Wallace and Gromit’s cracking inventions.

After a close final, the winning team were tutor group 9HU from Fortescue house… an eggcellent day was had by all.

Congratulations to 9HU photographed here with Mrs Marlow, Head of Food Technology.