Drake House

Drake House

Head of House – Mr Josh Phillips

Drake Tutor Groups:

Year 7: RW, CW
Year 8: SP, CK
Year 9: KB, PG
Year 10: MH, AR
Year 11: AY, LI

House Head Prefects –  Jack Partridge, Erin Cole
House Deputy Head Prefects – Abigail Bellemy, Fin Johnson

Our students are very proud to be in Drake House, they are DETERMINED to do their very best in everything they try, to be the best!  But to be the best building our RESILIENCE is so very important, if at first we fall over, we pick ourselves up and try again.  Drake students are AMBITIOUS to experience new things, to achieve new goals and realise their potential.  Above all the students, tutors and everyone associated with Drake House is KIND, and recognise when someone needs help, kindness costs nothing.  Team Spirit is paramount to all in Drake House, our students ENCOURAGE one another to overcome fears, showcase their talents and take on new challenges.

During lockdown and school closure, Drake students maintained their team spirit and volunteered to take part in a variety of challenges including The Great Drake Bake Off and The Dizzy Challenge.  A positive team spirit is further evident through charity work where Drake House students have raised money for local charities including ‘The Little Bridge House’, ‘NDADA’ and ‘The Air Ambulance’.